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Why are you guys going around to these tube sites and watching the worst quality porn imagineable? Do you prefer to watch TV shows in standard definition over HD as well? Jerking off to pixelated porn is fucking sad. Do you even know what you are missing out on? When is the last time you saw porn in FULL 1080p HD? All of these porn tube sites show you the shittiest porn possible, and that's for a reason. THEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE GOOD STUFF. Do you think these sites are giving you all of this porn out of the goodness of their heart? No! They want you to signup to premium sites so they can make money.

You want HD porn, we want HD porn, everyone wants HD porn. But why go out and pay for it? Why not learn how to get it for free like Pandora taught people to get music for free? If you were going to say because no one is teaching us how to get free HD porn then here we are, we are going to give you a free lesson on getting into premium porn sites for free, so you have no more excuses. The pathetic part is that getting free porn is 100 times easier than learning how to use Pandora for getting free music! It's simple and it takes less than 2 minutes for Christ's sake! So please put down your money, sit down for 2 minutes, and read our easy lesson on how to get free porn from this page! Be smart, don't be a Sucker!

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Who we are and what we’re trying to do...

We are The Pandora of the Porn Industy and we're the ones you've seen all over the internet! We are a group of veteran websurfers / pornlovers / password pirates / and of course good guys! 12 years ago every single adult pay site offered free backdoor passes. These free passes simply gave you access to their site. In exchange, you have to complete a 5 minute survey each month to keep your membership. The surveys consist of questions that help these paysites improve their site. With your valuable feedback, these sites are able to get more paying members and keep them longer. Today there are maybe 50 paysites at most that still offer these free backdoor passes. That's only 50 out of at least 100,000 adult sites people!!!

As you can see adult sites that offer free backdoor passes are practically extinct. The only good news in this whole mess is that 12 out of the 50 sites that still offer these free passes are also on the top 100 list of adult sites on the internet, they are 12 of the oldest and largest sites on the net. Why are these sites still around and so big? Because they have had massive amounts of feedback from visitor surveys. They know what works, what content is best, how to design their site, and how to please YOU. What we are trying to do here is bring the free backdoor passes back from extinction. We want all 100,000 adult sites on the net to offer them once again. Look at what Pandora did for music... that is exactly what we intend to do for porn and that's why we're the Pandora of Porn! Why pay for music when you can download it for free in a matter of minutes right? So why pay for premium porno if you can sign up for a free backdoor pass in less than a minute?

These paysites allow a certain number of free backdoor passes to be given away per day. You can see a list of sites near the bottom of the site to see which sites are still available today. These site owners can't give out too many free backdoor passes, or they wouldn't have any paying members, obviously.

Backdoor passes... what they are and how they work

They are actually very simple. The purpose of a Backdoor Pass™ is simply to give you free access to a members area, in exchange for you completing a survey each month. The questions these sites need you to answer usually take about 5 minutes to complete, then they extend your membership again. The next month they will ask you a different set of questions about how they can improve their site and content. You can use your free pass to download as much free HD porn as your heart desires, there is no limit or anything like that. These guys actually want you to watch as much porn on their site as you can.

By completing surveys for these sites, you are helping them remain the biggest and best in adult. They use your data to know what the trends in the adult industry are. If they have 5000 people say they want more big cocks fucking tiny teens for example, they go out and start shooting content for that. Your data helps them get new paying members, and keep them around forever... they know what is hot because of you. Letting you into the site costs them virtually nothing, the data you provide them with is priceless.

To get into these sites you will need a check or credit card to verify you are over the age of 18. Minors are not allowed to view adult material and legally, this is the only way these companies can protect against this. If you choose to use your credit card, you can be sure that you will not be charged for your free backdoor pass and that all of your credit card info will remain safe. The 30 sites below are not run by a couple of scumbags... these are multi-million dollar operations. Actually the sites below are public companies... hell you can invest in them on the New York Stock Exchange. Plus these are the last sites to offer us free porn... these are the good guys. The greedy guys won't even let us see their sites without dishing out 40 bucks! The point is that they are huge operations with policies and liabilities, they will never mistreat your personal info.

After you prove your age and pick out your username and password, that's it... you're in business. Read the section below called Directions for using your free backdoor pass then grab some popcorn or a beer and kick back and watch the most insane porn you will ever come across. And be proud of yourself because you did it for free, and are helping the porn industry become a better place :-)

Directions for using your free backdoor pass


Sites that offer free backdoor passes

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